Sunday, June 26, 2005

Good Morning...

What up? What's wrong with this guy you ask? Why's he not posted lately? Where's the promised pics and the favorite link? Well you can see now why I can annoy the hell out of my wife. I put off everything. Hell, it even annoys me.

Can you believe my neck is bothering me again? what the hell do i do to it while i'm sleeping? Ok enough rhetorical questions for now. Summer is in full bloom and it's hotter'n shit. I hate the heat I HATE IT! I sweat so easily it's not even funny. Last friday I was taking my Daughter to have lunch with my wife while on her lunch break. We had to drive over to watauga and on 35 on friday anytime of day the traffic royally sucks ass. Well We were in start and stop traffic for about 30 minutes till we arrived at the Cracker Barrel. My wife and her Mother hadn't arrived yet so I decided to drive around the parking lot until they showed up. Emma was asleep so I thought it better than waking her up since experience dictates a cranky baby in an eatery isn't fun.

I talked to my Dad on the cell while driving around the building over and over. We talked about George Romero movies and the joy that zombies bring to our family that was raised on horror movies. I let him go seeing the wife pull in. I parked the car right next to hers and just then Boom and steam came out of the hood. I knew it. The radiator hose I was guessing. We did'nt let it bother us, we went to eat and the Mother in law called for a tow to be taken to our resident mechanic Barney.

Back in the day this would have ruined my day having the car break down. But I was just thankful that the car decided to do that once we got to a parking lot and not on 35 in the start and stop traffic that woulda been terrible with just me and my baby. So it was actually a day to be happy and thankful. I enjoyed the hell out of my lunch and my Friday and so did Emma who was none the wiser and enjoyed it watching dad sweat as he took the car seat out of one car and into the other and everyone rode in one car together.

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