Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Laugh with me

Holy Crap it's hot outside and the ozone alert is set to orange! Stay inside! Stay outta the elements! Stay cool and make yourself a nice mixed drink and recline and listen to THIS!

Our Season Premiere - Summer Heat Hate - Summer TV worth watching - Voicemail - Eugene Who? - Devil Day Sale - Clerks 2 - News Break - So You Think You Can Dance - Last Comic Standing - The Apprentice Finale - Super Group - Dog Bites Man - The 4400 - Entourage - Deadwood - The News - DVD's of the Week: 16 Blocks

Episode 39


Anonymous said...

heh Jastrom,

I want to know that I heard about your podcast from the hollywood saloon. I throughly enjoy the podcast and find it very funny although I am not an american and have no access to some of the shows you talk about. I just want say thanks for the effort that you and the gang put in and that you are appreciated.




The Jastrom said...

Wow thank You! I appreciate the kind words and we will try to make you laugh even harder next week. I hope during the summer we have more content on the show besides tv show stuff. Thanks for listening. Sincerely, Jastrom