Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Every single day. Revised.

I know what I said. I said every single day. Everyday I would write on this here blog. Well, reality set in. When I'm not writing here I'm at least writing my story, my book. It's going to be a book anyway. I am going to self publish it. Maybe someone will read it. The thing that's actually driving me nuts is that I have another idea floating around and I kind of want to start writing it. BUT. I don't want to stop working on what I am already working on. I have written things that are unfinished my entire life, I want to finish this one. I feel like if I do, then I can finish the next thing and on and on. It's important.

Write now I'm listening back to Friday's episode of Entertainment Landfill that we recorded live. By live I mean that it streams where anyone can listen in, Usually one or two people choose to. Hehe. I'm not feeling sorry for myself, I'm stating facts. It doesn't bother me that people mostly listen to the show in podcast form, Podcasts are awesome. So anyway, Sigga Bookoo.

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