Monday, September 05, 2005

Living in a fictional town...

Last Friday I went to a long overdue appointment with the Eye-Doctor. I use disposable contact lenses that are monthly. I have a bad habit though of continuing to wear my contacts well after the month is over. I get a years worth which is 12 pair and by the end of the year go to the Dr.'s and get a refill. Well this year my appoinmtent was in January, but I still had about 4 pair left so I didnt go and waited until just this week when I was down to my last pair which I've worn since july.

The Doctor wanted to know what I was doing without contacts for this long and I said I had indeed still been wearing my contacts just stretching out the wear time from 1 month to 2 months. He was very disappointed. He explained that my monthly lenses were meant to only be worn for up to 31 days and that after that my eyes were not getting the necessary amount of oxygen needed. That if I kept this habit up I would need to have a Cornea transplant. Worse case scenario. Gasp! hehe.

I told him that I didn't know this and that I would not do that anymore. He then looked at my eye balls and they looked fine. Schew! that was a close one. He told me if I kept it up I'd have to go for months at a time without contacts. OK DUDE I GET IT!

I had already told him that I didn't know about the oxygen thing and wouldn't wear my contacts past 31 days again but he kept telling me horror stories and what would happen if I kept on.

He gave me a new pair and next friday I have to go back and get my new years worth. I don't know why I seem to stockpile my contacts but I won't do it anymore. Every month I will throw away my old pair. I cherish my eye sight and had this guy told me about that whole eye breathing stuff I would have not endandered my eyes. Luckily I hadn't done any damage so lesson learned without harsh side effects.

Yesterday was the recording session for Nowhere in Mulberry which I can't wait to get out there. I swear our last practice session was better than that but we will get better. Ah it's not bad I just need to be more prepared. I get all antsy and just want to begin.

I still need to edit it down to less than an hour cause we went 75 minutes which is a chatting marathon. Wow we are full of hot air. There are things I want to add and change I think it's good that we finally figured out how to record correctly getting music and my Sister on the phone and movie trailers and sound drops.

The sweet sweet new tv season starts soon and I can't wait to see all of my favorite shows back. I will do a post this week on all the shows you should check out.


ltlme said...

jastrom, do I need to start giving you a monthly reminder on your contacts?

yep, there's all sorts of creepy eye diseases you can get.
well, if you do go least every woman will look hot to you. haha...i crack myself up.

The Jastrom said...

Well I put in this new pair on Sept. 2nd so give me a shout on Oct. 2nd ok? Lol.

ltlme said...

*bug jastrom on oct. 2nd.* okay, it's written down!

JAX said...

Ok Jastrom,

first of all, my friend Jules recommended your blog to me.

2nd, thanks for the public service announcement. I am so irresponsible with my lenses. My doctor told me it is all hype and a way for the contact lens company to make more money. He said I can wear my contacts as long as they are comfortable.

Plus, if you save your contacts, that means you can wait to go back to your eye doctor so your eye doctor isn't getting paid so I can see his real concern.

Truthfully, now that you posted what you did, I am confused. I don't think you necessarily have to throw them out right at 1 month but I don't know who to believe anymore.


The Jastrom said...

Me neither LOL. It's probably somewhere in between. Thanks for posting!