Monday, October 24, 2005

New Toy

I got a nice MP3 player for my Birthday from my sister, I'm now enjoying ripping lots of cds and putting them on the player. Can you believe i've never ripped a cd till now? Lol wow get with the times man! I can see why some people find this addictive I started with an Echo & the Bunnymen cd then was like 'why not another' and then another and then how about my old Helmet CD 'Meantime' I love that one. This is fun! I can't wait to load up some podcasts and listen to them like that running errands and such. Cool.

I'm gonna need a new player with about 30gbs so don't think I wouldn't appreciate another one! Hehe I'm so greedy. My birthday is this week. I will be.......Drumroll...............................34 GASP!

Yeah I know i'm an 'OLD' good grief. Gulp. Just 10 years ago I was single living with my oldest sister in a cramped apartment. Man we've come far. It's funny while pouring through CD's to find to rip I came across a few that were Beer Stained that I hadn't listened to in probably 10 years. I wonder if they will still work?

Alot of the music I listen to now is from that period of my life from 18-24. I've gotten a few new favorites but I always go back to those old reliables.

Bill should be handing me Episode 8 "The Ocho" as we are calling it and it should be a dandy. A dandy? What the fuck am I talking about?


ltlme said...

wow, you were like 9 when i was born!!!!!

Vanessa said...

I'm glad you're enjoying the gift. Have you watched "Lost" DVDs yet? :)