Monday, August 01, 2005

Comedy of errors

Those last couple of posts were total phone-ins. Well one was hehe.

Well we went ahead and tried the first podcast show of Nowhere in Mulberry. We had fun and it lasted about 36 mins. We weren't prepared at all and just went headfirst into the recording. As soon as we were done I realized I had a mic on mute. D'OH! We didn't pick up my sister's voice except for the first 5 minutes. What had happened was I had a phone call and when you have a 16 month old daughter you pick up the phone no matter what you are doing. It was my Brother in law and I paused the recording. This must've defaulted to original settings or something, I still don't know what happend.

I got off the phone with him and we resumed and little did I know but it was not recording any of the sound clips I played or my Sister and her many impressions hehe. That was a joke for my sister seeing as her voice sounded the same with all her different impressions. Well it's back to the drawing board I guess.

It's ok that it didn't turn out great because I never intended for us to go in the direction that we did, being so unprepared and all. Our first show will be a huge first impression and I don't want it to be with us not having anything to talk about.

I'm trying to quietly type as my daughter is still asleep in her bed. My whole morning routine I try to be as quiet as possible because I just want to finish my morning routine before she wakes. Then when she wakes we eat breakfast together while watching Barney once again.

I'll spend the week coming up with show ideas. It was alot of fun to do this with my best bud Stephen and my Sister Vanessa who I don't see enough of. At first when I played a few of our test recordings for my wife I felt as though she felt left out but I want her to participate anytime she wants. We'll see what happens, I just don't want to give up on the idea of the podcast because of defeat by technical problems and a general lack of knowing anything about computers hehe.

My M.O. is to get fed up with something and lose interest. Not this time. Gulp.

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ltlme said...

I know you'll get it going in no time.