Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Don't take no prisoners!

I love when song lyrics use bad grammar.

Today it's time to start working on the long awaited web page for 'Nowhere in Mulberry' and get this shit in gear. I predict it will look lame. Hehe.

BRING ON FALL! Enough with this heat I can't take it no more. I was really saddened to see the aftermath of hurricane Katrina, it's so sad and I hope that people come out of it with their lives and their homes arent too badly damaged. I would say they are in my prayers but I don't pray. At all.

I did pray as a child for awhile but why pray when I can just briefly hope for a second. Why do I have to make it an official proclamation to the Lord? He's always listening right? So if i'm driving and I think to myself, "Gee I hope those people down there are alright." and that invisible omniscient one hears it so no need to kneel down in front of my bed and clasp my palms together right? C'mon it's the age of rush hour! Americans are always on the go we don't have time to kneel down and pray, God can tune in while I'm running errands for christ's sakes!

I don't pray before meals either, "Thanks invisible creator man for this Steak-um sandwich i'm about to eat. YUM!"

When something truly happens and people try to console you, say when your mother dies, People many times say, "You are in my prayers." "Woohoo! I made the prayer list! My fate is as good as sealed with that big guy up stairs cause this person decided to give me a shout out while talking to the almighty!" Thanks for nothing. Basically when someone has a problem and you are reaching out for help and the person you are reaching out to says "I'll pray for you." It's the same as saying, "Sorry Dude you are on your own." Hehe. The healing power of prayer pfft.

Yesterday I was messing around online and I found this game called 'THERE' which is a socializing game where you meet people and buy clothes and cars and stuff, It's basically like a video game version of friendster or something where you meat lotsa people and hang out and chat and dance with your video game version of yourself called an 'Avatar' or 'Toon'. Me and my pal Grady went into the game to check it out and were invited to a house party. When we arrived it was a house with some cute video game chicks and some buff guys without shirts and a lit up dance floor. The first thing I said when I spotted Grady's outfit and Avatar's clothes was, "Are we supposed to be Metro-sexuals? And I think he agreed that yes we were Metro-Sexuals supposed to hit on video game ladies.

So I sat down at a four chair circle and began chatting with tha' Ladeez. Immediately they jumped up and went to the dance floor with some Jock looking guy. I told Grady that this was too much like real life. So we hopped on a hover scooter with Grady riding in the back and we really looked lame. Like a futuristic TWEEDS catalogue pic for the mildly lonely. Grady went AFK (away from keyboard) While I rode around on the scooter thinking this game isn't for me.

I could see this game being fun if there was a point to it other than buying clothes and vehicles and houses and having raves at your virtual love shacks. I guess if I was single hitting on the Avatar of some lonely miss might be fun. Sigh.

I have a free trial with the game so i'll try it again. Hehe.


Anonymous said...

god bless you my son. ahhh chooo oh nevermind.

Anonymous said...

just a question. if you sneeze in public and someone says god bless you how do you feel since you don't believe in god?
ok maybe one or two more ?'s and if someone sneezes do you say god bless you and if not what do you say?
i'm in the same boat as u with beliefs so i don't say god bless you to anyone. i do the german thing "Gesundheit".

The Jastrom said...

How do you know I don't believe in god? You are assuming and you know what happens when one assumes.

Btw I just say 'Bless you'. The only way it bothers me is if I have one of thousee rapid fire sneezes with 5 in a row and someone keeps saying 'Bless you, bless you, bless you, bless you, bless you over and over. It's pretty damn annoying.