Monday, August 22, 2005

Just a little bit...

I was just thinking about the time that I was watching Sally Jesse Raphael, yes it was a long time ago. The theme to the show was Children who were embarassed by their flamboyant parents. These parents would dress overly slutty and shake what god gave them while their children would cry themselves to sleep wondering why Mommy showed so much cleavage and didn't seem to care about their feelings.

The always understanding Sally spoke very sympathetically to the children about their insecurities and their feelings about why their mothers acted the way they did. Sally riled up the audience wanting to give these parents a piece of her mind. She told the children that she will help them and get to the bottom of this. Ah thanks Sally you seem to really care about these kids feelings and the horror of living with an embarassing parent at the time in ones life when embarassment is something you would choose death over.

Cue Music.

"Wiggle it!" "Just a little bit!" "Wiggle it!" "Just a little bit!"

The mothers come out in their slutty attire shaking their asses and dancing to the stupid song while the audience boos. The cameras show quick cuts to each child's face as they tear up totally embarassed by their parents. Sally puts on her serious face.

If Sally cared so much why'd they play that 'Wiggle' song when they came out? Stupid Bitch.

I don't know why I just thought of that. I guess that 'Wiggle it just a little bit' song stuck in my head hehe.

I'm feeling a bit uninspired lately. I am preparing for the first ever show to be released, for next friday and am thinking of what to put on our site. I'll use blogger most likely at first till we actually have some kind of content to use then have a real site.

I can't wait till Hockey season starts. I'm making french bread pizza in the oven and it's always good. I'm just hoping I find inspiration soon.

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ltlme said...

okay, you need to come cook for me.