Monday, August 01, 2005

Sky High

First of all I wanna say that the first time I saw the trailer for 'SKY HIGH' I thought it looked kinda lame, they were taking the cool premise of a superhero highschool and making a family friendly Disney flick most likely safe for all ages. Laaame.

Well then I kept seeing reviews for the movie that were positive, So Stephen and my Wife and I checked it out and...

...WE LOVED IT! It's got a high cheese factor but that's okay because the film doesn't take itself seriously right away we know that Will Stronghold(Michael Arangano) is the son to two of the most powerful superheroes in the world 'The Commander' and 'Jetscream'(Kurt Russell and Kelly Preston) and today is his first day of Highschool. Soon you will find out not just any highschool but SKY HIGH a highschool for superhero offspring who will hopefully become great heroes themselves.

Will's got the best friend who of course is a cute girl named Layla that he doesn't realize is in love with him. Of course not.

Will's got a problem though he hasn't shown any signs of having superpowers and all his friends have gotten powers and he's feeling a tad insecure. It doesn't help that his dad can't wait to turn the family into the first Family of Superheroes. Just like all the teen movies of the kid that doesn't have the heart to tell his dad he doesn't want to go into the Family business, College, insert sport here, etc.

We get to meet of all Will's outcast friends that will soon win your heart, Who wouldn't want to have friends like this?

This movie definitley follows a predictable pattern of teen woes in film but it doesn't matter cause all of the characters are just so damn likeable. All of em'. On the way to school we meet the Bus driver Ron Wilson the son of two mighty heroes who never got powers so he now drive the bus. Played by Kevin Heffernan of Super Troopers Farva fame he makes the best of his role and gets laughs. In fact all of the adults in this movie shine, We've got of course Kurt and Kelly as mom and pop but the faculty of the school work very well from Lind Carter as the Principal witht he power of the Comet? And Bruce Campbell as Coach Boomer a wise ass ball breaking P.E. Coach that loves torturing the students. My favorite though is Dave Foley as Mr. Boy a former hero sidekick that now teaches the Hero Support class for , well sidekicks. Also Kevin McDonald as a giant brained science teach Mr. Medula.

The kid cast is great too from Will and Layla to all of their geek friends that are destined for the sidelines as sidekicks this movie just has a charming cast of characters.

Of course the question for Will is will he ever get his powers? Will he realize that his best friend Layla digs him alot? Will his fellow student arch nemesis Warren Peace kick his ass? Of course we know all the answers and it doesnt matter because the execution is what it's all about and there were laughs for kids and adults. It's even got an all Cover 80's soundtrack which I found distracting at first but then realized a cover of Spandau ballet and The English Beat is better than most of today's music material that is in teen flicks so I will take it.

I hope this movie is a success cause i'd like to see another movie for every year of highschool for the group of friends. I know I know it's a disney flick, but that's what's cool I loved it and i'm not ashamed. Hehe.

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