Saturday, May 28, 2005

back again...

StarWars was something I loved as a kid and later as an adult but not something that I could fully enjoy with the lovely action figures from Kenner in my youth. My parents could never afford many toys and if I did have any starwars toys it would be 1 Luke or 1 Han or maybe an R2D2 but never more than one at a time and by the time i'd acquire a new one i'd have already lost my old one or it'd have been stolen by some other fucking kid.

Man thank the maker it's not gonna be as hot as it was last weekend. If I learned anything from the blistering heat and humidity it was that I seriously need to improve the Insulation in out attic. In the afternoon the living room can heat up to 80 degrees. It makes out AC work much harder and costs us more in utilities. I decided to take a look in that attic, something that I had not done at all since moving into this house over 2 years ago. When I went up there I was suprised to see boxes everywhere, i'd say at least 20 medium size boxes and a couple of smaller boxes and a babys crib. Weird. I immediately hopped down cause it was just too hot. A couple of days later a cool day to be exact I went up again and this time i was gonna drag down a box with me. I grabbed one marked G.I. Joe and pulled it down A quickly opened it to find a Planet Hoth Luke Skywalker and a Hoth Han Solo, Not to mention a Storm Trooper a Greedo and a Snaggle tooth. But best of all? A Lando! Rock on! underneath the plastic tray they were in was another plastic tray filled with hundreds of little platic guns and swords and backpacs etc. it was like a supply hut for action figures. I was excited starting to hope there was some vintage Tie Fighters and possibly a Millenium Falcon up there but I was already behind schedule getting ready to go to a friends barbeque so I plan on going up again very soon.

Who left this stuff here? we live in a house that was built in the 80's so any number of people could have lived here and forgot all about their cool toys, I can't wait to see what other hidden treasures are up there.

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