Monday, May 16, 2005

Ick Monday

Man it's hard to get out of bed on Monday. Emma even sleeps and hour late. I'm annoyed looking out the back window that I gave up after mowing the front lawn leaving the backyard to be cut next weekend. It's the damn lawn mower it just wouldn't stay on. I topped it off with gas and did the regular routine and the pos wouldn't stay running I got so pissed I just gave up. At least I finished the front though, that's the part people see.

I just realized today getting a pop tart out of the cabinet that Darth Vader is on the box! Darth Vader is whoring Poptarts! The dark lord of the sith! Good grief.

I need to work on my project but I keep putting it off. I had all of friday night to myself and instead of writing I player World of Warcraft all night with my bud Bill. I call him Grady cause that's his characters name. I had fun playing and hadn't gotten to play WoW in awhile it was good to say hi to friends that i've only known online since meeting them in the mmorpg StarWars Galaxies. We had a mass exodus and left that game on account of it not having any content. the starwars theme wears off after awhile but you meet lots of cool people from all over the country you wouldnt' otherwise get to meet. Hell all over the world even.

StarWars has fans all over the 'verse as we outlanders call it. And now we can eat breakfast food while being reminded that our beloved movie franchise likes our money. Thanks Darth Vader for prostituting yourself these pop tarts taste extra good. I gotta get off this subject hehe.

All of TV's shows are having their season finale's and I will have to wait until july to see my Battlestar Galactica return. I can't wait, it's a great show.

I need to list my favorite shows of last season for you. I will later today. Time to feed the tot. Later.

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