Sunday, May 15, 2005


Well I lamed out and didn't go to the party. Once My wife and child got home we were all tired and just wanted to have some dinner and watched Shrek 2 on HBO that I tivo'd.

I had some fried Catfish at the Restaurant 'Texas Grill' on Camp Bowie blvd. and man was it tasty!

We got into a discussion about my daughter being Baptised soon. My wife and her Mom are very excited about this. I am not. Why? Well, she's 14 months old. She should make the descision herself when she's older whether she wants to have water sprinkled on her head in the name of the Lord. I think anyway.

That's just the way I feel. I gave in anyway and now my Wife tells me we're are gonna have to have a sit down with the pastor first. Christ. I don't wanna talk with that jackass.

He's gonna ask us if we're gonna raise our daughter in the church or whatever and if we say yes we are liars. What if we say no? What if i say no and my wife says yes? We're not gonna go to church on sundays it's just not gonna happen.

I am confused about all of this, I just wish we could wait. I wish she could make up her own mind. I could make a big deal out of it and upset my wife and her mom or I could just shut up and let it happen even if it makes me sick to my stomach.

Hypocrisy, Conformity, Passivity, push-over...

I mentioned how I'm not sure What I believe about God and that I do know that I despise organized religion and think church is a joke. I believe relgion holds people back and ruins peoples lives especially when families share more than one belief, Which they all fucking do! She asked my why then do I celebrate christmas and I replied. "For the presents!"


Bill L. said...

Presents are the shit yo!

Anonymous said...

Re: the baptism thing.

#1 If they want her baptised so badly, it can be done by an independent reverend of some kind that will not make you pledge allegiance to a particular church. You just have to find him/her.

#2 My parents and the church I grew up in believed that one should know what baptism represents, etc before "taking the plunge" so they waited to send me to classes, etc until I was 7 or so? AS IF a 7 year old is capable of making a decision about being dedicated to a religion for the rest of her life.

#3 On the lighter side, even though I made my "confession of faith" and said the words they taught me to say, it hasn't made much difference in my life today. I mean,it wasn't a traumatic experience.... it just really didn't matter in the end. Your baby is going to have her own mind and she is going to believe what she believes according to where life takes her. So don't worry about the brainwashing.

#4 If this is all your wife's idea, why do you have to participate. Esp. if you feel like you are being forced to lie? Not that I'm trying to create some marital discord, but seriously, is it necessary? It is worth asking.

TIVO rawks.


Anonymous said...

The mind is a terrible thing to waste. Yet, parents waste the mind of the child. It isn't allowed to flourish. How? First, ritual is introduced. Ritual is mindless behavior; unquestioned behavior. (Going to church, for example.)
Next, they sooth your fears by telling you fantasy tales. They also create new fears by invoking invisible forces that must be kept happy. How? By the "proper" behavior.
By the time the child is able to ask questions a certain trust has been established between parent and child. The child actually thinks he/she will get a straight answer. But, no. It will be total bullshit dipped in happy words.
Danger! Danger! Danger!
Our view of how the world works actually comes from what our parents tell us mixed with what we choose to see.
Intelligence finds flaws in these explanations. But, fears about the invisible forces often chases the questions and logic out the door.
Being Baptised is a ritual of fear. It is to save the child from the clutches of one evil invisible person and earmark (like folding the page on a book) the kid for the other invisible person (god).
Anxiety drives this behavior.
Church and promises and obedience all follow soon.
Each battle brings on the next.
Why do so many young people leave the church? Because--once the lies and half-truths are revealed (life disproves fantasy) they are pissed as hell. How could a trusted parent fill their mind with so much TOTALLY USELESS non-information?
A parent should prepare their child to cope with the REAL world and not to crawl inside a fake one.