Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Hmmn, I think someone needs to pull that bug outta their ass.

I think what it is is i've come to accept and even say out loud that I understand why she wants this and I will go along with it and everything is fine. Then, they start to talk about it and I get all upset again. I'll just bring it up here from now on cause i'm acting like a baby.

Kudos to ALIAS and 24 for running the entire seasons without a single re-run. 24 never does but usually has weeks and weeks of being set aside for the likes of American Idol. Ugh. 24 has been incredibly ridiculous and entertaining at the same time, it's had moments of pure annoyance and moments of pure stupidity but I still love it. C'mon Jack Bauer has killed over 40 bad guys in less than 24 hours that's got to be a record.

Alias had a good start and a lull in the middle. Many say this was to help the LOST viewers jump on and be able to get feelers on what was going on. Big Mistake! But they've gotten back on track with the story arc of the Derevkos an all things Rambaldi. Joel Grey as the Sloane clone or as I liked to call him Marvin Sloane was great! Can't wait for the 2hrs tonight!

I dig LOST don't get me wrong but it's really rubbed me the wrong way the way ABC has dragged out the season having weeks of re-runs at a time then airing a new episode then another two weeks of re-runs it got tedious. But I can't wait to see the finale. I hope that J.J. Abrams wrote and directed the finale.

Tomorrow is Return of the Sith day Woot! I am excited and giddy but at the same time wish my daughter was old enough to go too. Oh well i'll show it to her later. I'll post some semblance of a review after I see it. Keep in mind I told myself I liked The Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones then grew to dislike them over time. Don't get me wrong I own both on dvd and have watched them multiple times. I'd almost say I can watch the Phantom Menace now and not be bothered as much as Clones just gets on my nerves. Ugh that romantic theme by John Williams gives me a migraine. AoTC is a stinker that I love like a red headed step child as well as Jar Jar laden TPM. Both have great sound mixes though. Hehe

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