Sunday, May 22, 2005

A strong one, this one.

Wow, I was so effected by StarWars Episode III Revenge of the Sith that I had to take a few days off from my blog.

The anticipation that day I felt, man am I silly. I could barely eat my stomach was in knots I was so anxious to see this film, I didn't expect to feel this way. The closer it got to be time to go to the theater I was just giddy and nervous at the same time. I can't ever remember feeling quite like this before any film.

Where to start? Ok I'll start off with the theater I saw the movie at. The Parks in Arlington. Holy shit you fucks this is the last installment of StarWars ever and you're telling me you can't crank the fucking sound up? Go straight to Mustafar you cocksmokes. This ruined the first 15 minutes or so for me cause I wanted to get up to complain so bad but I also didnt want to get out of my seat and take my eyes off of the screen.

Then I was sucked in right as Dooku shows up and the Lighsaber duel starts and I didn't think about the sound again till the film was over. Man, this is the first of the 3 prequels where the first thing I thought as I left the theater wasn't what I'd change about the flick, but what the characters could have done differently to stop that tradgedy that took place. This movie really Rocks!

I find it hard to go into everything as I've only seen it once and it demands a second viewing because I know for a fact that good sound in a theater will help even better to suck you into the moments that give tingles up your spine. I loved the emperor, holy shit he's so evil and twisted and just manipulates poor Anakin that he didn't have a chance. The way he turns Anakin over when Mace Windu is so close to killing him. "Mace! why didn't you just run him through with your saber?" One moment that I really loved and will cherish this, was when Yoda hops up on Chewbacca's shoulder. I loved that and when Yoda tells him, "Goodbye Chewbacca I shall miss you." sniff. good stuff.

I keep reading about how this film is dark and all that which I couldn't wait to see and you know what? It's true and the one thing I couldn't understand once the film was over was how profoundly sad I was. I was genuinely moved. This could quite possibly be the last time there is ever a StarWars film. God I hope not, but It might be and that makes me sad. Thank you George you hit one out of the park and I loved it.

I am all over the place I know but I gotta see this again before I go majorly into it. When Padme names the babies I was a mess I wanted to just weep like a youngling but I was sitting next to a friend and wouldn't ever live it down. That's a great scene. More to come...

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You should have cried you big streeter