Saturday, May 14, 2005

Neck hurts, Yowch!

I don't know what I did in my sleep but my necks hurts like hell and it hurt alot worse yesterday but today I swear the pain has moved lower. What the hell? I do have one of those therma things on that heats up while you wear it. it's like a giant band aid that pulls the hair on your back, talk about Yowch. Luckily I'm not Gorilla hairy or anything. Last Night my Mother In-law which is a nurse used some shock therapy on me hehe. You put the two rubber suction things on your sore muscle and then the electrodes massage it. at one point i moved to sit up while it was on and it started zapping me! It felt like needles poking me, I started yelling at my wife 'TURN IT OFF TURN IT OFF!" my wife thought I was being a jerk yelling at her but I wasn't I just wanted it OFF! After I explained she forgave me and I watched LOST in the guest bedroom of her parents house. My Daughter would wander in to see me wired up on this contraption and would laugh, She's 14 months old and I love making her laugh and now I didnt even have to try hehe. Lost was pretty good but who's the asshole that put the ceiling fan on high in here. Man i'm freezing, I pull my cellphone out of my pocket to call Heather who is in the other room. No answer, Damn it's probably on Vibrate so she never hears it. Ugh. after about 10 minutes I'm about ready to call THIS house i'm in to get somebody in here to turn the fan off, I'm not about to risk moving and being zapped again. Just then Heather walks in with a nice cold Diet Coke and want's to know if she can bring me dinner. I say 'HECK YES!" It's Chimichanga's and mexican rice with nice red tomatoes all over. YUM!After stuffing my belly I doze off missing most of ALIAS, luckily I tivo'd that fucker!

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