Saturday, May 14, 2005


Should I go or should I stay. I fought the urge to write the Clash lyrics cause that woulda made me a pretensious fuckwad and all around poser to name drop a band that I don't really listen to. I am contemplating whether to go to the exedra party or not, Since the wife and baby are visiting family today I have the day to myself. I could veg out and watch my just arrived other region copies of 'Kung Fu Hustle' and 'Layer Cake' or go and meet with friends I haven't seen in a while and chill out. I havent had a beer in like 2 freaking years and if I had one it would either make me A. Sleepy. or B. longing for a second. or C. guilty. so maybe I would just stick with diet soda pop. I say soda pop by the way cause I think it would be cute form my daughter to eventually say "soda pop dada". Everyone would think she was from the midwest though hehe. I just like saying that better than Coke, which most texans use to describe every brand of soft drink, or at least I do. Man I just fucking lumped a whole state of people in with me. Wow I got off subject there.Should I stay or should I go? na na na na na na na na Whoa! Pretensious fuck!Eating some Frosted Flakes They're Great! The box has Yoda whoring himself on the cover. Wow George did we really need to sellout out Jedi master Yoda to that pimp Tony the Tiger? Don't you have enough fucking cash?

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