Sunday, May 15, 2005

Sunday mornin' so good to me

One of my favortie rituals of sunday is my wife bringing Emmabear to the bed and we all talk and watch cartoons. We then make our way to the living room where we eat breakfast usually oatmeal and pop tarts, don't forget the frosted flakes with Yoda helping Tony the Tiger sell them. Oh Yoda say it ain't so.

I need to motivate myself to mow today before it gets hot, sometimes while mowing when I get all sweaty and the wind hits me just right It takes me back to California ti's almost like I step through a portal. I am there instantly. Isn't that weird how the mind can remind you of something and you are instantly back. It's awesome.

Then I realize I am in Texas and hot and need a shower and feel like i've been swimming all day congested hehe. Hey that didn't happen in California.

I am anixiously awaiting Thursday to see Revenge of the Sith. I hope it doesn't suck. Time to get ready to mow. :(


Anonymous said...

I like Sunday mornings, too. But my ritual is solitary - and involves being served coffee, people watching, and the Sunday paper. Man, do I sound ancient or WHAT?

Your ritual sounds pretty cool though if I were male, had a wife and beautiful small child, and was quite a bit younger. :)

Anonymous said...

Oops! Forgot to sign it.


The Jastrom said...

It took awhile for me to appreciate it. I used to like to sleep late on sundays and just lay on the couch and watch tv. Now I sit on the floor and let my wife and daughter have the couch hehe. Jastrom