Sunday, July 03, 2005

Bat in my belfry

Just munchin' down on some breakfast and getting grease on all the keys of the keyboard. Eh' I'll clean that up later. The other night which was friday I went to see Batman Begins with my wife and Stephen who tagged along 3rd wheel style. Just kiddin' Stephen, We invited him folks.

We saw the movie in a brand new Cinemark theater that opened up roughly 4 miles from my home. It was great to go and see a movie somewhere brand new. Most theaters now suffer from a lack of quality control, bad sound, bad picture, out of focus, too many loud ass teenagers trying to impress their friends, TOO MANY CELLPHONES! I see at least 5 people at every movie I attend looking at their cellphone to what I assume is look at the time. A glow appears in the darkness totally pulling my attention away from the screen and towards that person. This only happend once the evening of Batman Begins. So that's good.

Batman was released about two weeks ago and I wanted to see it right when It came out but because of family stuff I had to refuse the caped crusade my patronage until now. It was better waiting and the wife and I both agreed that the next film that comes out that we want to see (Serenity) will wait a week. Now this won't work for films that don't do well at the box office which will immediatley be sent to the hell that is the dollar cinema.

Ok on to the movie. Batman Begins is not just about Batman but about how Bruce Wayne the little lost boy who's parents were gunned down before him turning him into a guilt ridden angry man looking for the answers of injustice to The Batman that we know and love. Christian Bale is great in the role. Bale is not just inhabiting a suit or 'workin' it' as Jack would say but he's a person first and the film leads us through his attempts to defend Gotham to save Gotham from itself. The Gotham city is not like the Burton film it's doesn't look like a giant model 'an essay in ugliness' as it was described at the time. This Gotham is a real city with real people, good people. And bad too of course...

One thing that hasnt been done right in comic book adaptations is the ability to make the origins of the heroes interesting from the Hulk to Spiderman to the Punisher they all bore the hell out of me till the guy starts to work the suit. Not in this film the journey of Bruce Wayne is what the movie is all about and it works it's very effective. All of the supporting roles work well to from Liam Neeson to Morgan Freeman and Gary Oldman as Gordon and especially Michael Caine as Alfred. Movies are as good as their supporting cast and this one rocks the house down. Michael Caine was my favorite he wasn't just some butler but Bruce's guardian to which Bruce knows without a doubt loved his parents just as much as him. Katie Holmes was ok, she didn't wear a bra under alot of her business woman DA attire. And I'm sorry but everytime I saw her all i could think was her laying on a clay table.

I won't go into major plot points here cause most people have probably already seen it and most of all I hate when I read major plot points in reviews. When Bats shows up we get to see his trials and tribulations, we get to see him figure out what gadgets he needs each time he goes out, which I thought was really cool. Thankfully he never needed Bat Ice Skates like in Batman and Robin. Christ, Fuckin' Schumacher.

The Tumbler AKA the Batmoblie was a disappointment when I first got a glimpse of it in the trailer for the film BUT in the context of the film it's really cool! It makes sense in this modern day metropolis of crime that Batman would need an Urban Assault Vehicle. And that's basically what I love about this movie, Batman is in this real world and it works much to my delight.

I think Chris Nolan and Goyer (David s.) did a great job and they better be at the helm of the next one. The bad guys in this are great and we don't have any manic laughing or neon or nipples well scratch that Katie's not wearing any bras, but those nipples are in the right place, they are not on Batman. Fucking Shumacher! After those craptacular flicks we can thank our stars we ever got a Batman again. Thank the maker cause I can't wait to enjoy this film again on DVD. Man I am all over the place with this review so forgive me. Let me just finish off by saying this and this is all that matters, Bale is Batman!


Athena said...

juz read that you have leave me a message in my blog. Thx. Seem that your blog is interesting, with sound clip! But it's too late for me to read your blog now. I have to sleep! I will visit your blog later! it looks cool

The Jastrom said...

Thanks for visiting, I hope you like it. Please excuse my bad language, It's a lazy form of communication that I am guilty of. Hehe.

Anonymous said...

all i can say is BATTASICK. good times.