Thursday, July 07, 2005

One of those days...

...Where it's thundering and Lightning and the power flickers and goes off here and there. I have a flashlight for Emma and one for me. She likes waving it around shining it on walls. Everytime the power comes back on I have to reset the clocks and wait for the Directv and for the DSL to boot back up. At least we are getting some water for the grass outside that's been suffering during this hot summer. I'm glad I have good quality Surge Protectors too.

I've written this much without a power failure so, so far so good. I'm debating going to see Fantastic Four because i've heard it's pretty bad, I'd much rather see War of the Worlds or hell even Cinderella Man, I've read that's a keeper.

I will probably not go to the movies this weekend and opt instead to visit some family.

Man, I cannot wait for the premeire of the new season of BSG. It's coming on july 15th people be sure to check it out. There's this new reality show on Bravo that i'm gonna check out called Situation: Comedy or something like that. It sounds like Project Greenlight but on this show people have submitted their own scripts of ideas for new sitcoms. Shit the power just fluxed again. I'm pushing my luck. Don't go out, don't go out. If it does for any major length of time we're gonna go to Grandma's where hopefully power is intact. But no online, lame.

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Anonymous said...

ewwww scary. thunder bolts and lightening, very very frightening me. galelao and so on
later streeter