Friday, July 01, 2005

state of Renovation

Well I found the best motivation to work on the blog, yep that's right it's my alternative to writing my project script hehe. From listening to my Audio recordings I've noticed a few things that are really annoying that I will work on, the first one is 'Well anyway...' ugh how repetitive.

Hey it's a new thing and I was excited to see how it works it will be neat the next time I am out of town or am stuck in traffic but hopefully without my daughter coughing in her sleep. Man that just makes me feel horrible listening to that. It makes me tense.

The second annoying thing is not getting to the point at least when I have one and will be sure to get to that without distraction hehe. Well Can't wait to post some more but I have some free time now and that means Script writing. Later...

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