Tuesday, July 12, 2005


I love Adam Phillip's Animation and I really adore his Bitey of Brackenwood stuff. I just linked his website in my links and I must say his newest scary Flash made me jump. Lol it's really good, check it out. Taken.

For awhile I wanted to try Flash myself but I'm just not very Computer savvy. I could probably get it down in time with stuff like 'Flash for dummies' and stuff like that but I just can't concentrate on that stuff right now. Excuses excuses. Hehe. This guy's work is inspiring. I love it.


ltlme said...

Okay, um...."MOMMMYYYYYYY"
yeah, even though you gave warning, I jumped too. There should be a warning for people with bad hearts.

The Jastrom said...

Check out some of his other stuff, He's great. It's like you know a scare is gonna happen and you prepare yourself for it but it gets you anyway.