Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Get Ready!

I'm getting ready to try something new. Something feasible. Something freeing maybe that's creative and most of all EASY. hehe well It seems easy but maybe it isn't all that easy. I my friends and going to try my hand at podcasting. You can read about what podcasting is here. I don't wanna try to explain it and get it wrong. Basically an online radio show. It may be horrible or it may be entertaining, We'll see. I'm recruiting several of my closest friends to help out and maybe we can make something that's not just fun for us but for listeners. Gulp, someone will listen? Who knows but it's a creative outlet to entertain ourselves so it's WIN-WIN baby!

I fill you in when we get it up and running and I will get a link to a separate Blog page for it.

Well Battlestar Galactica's premiere rocked my world and it can only get better. Man I love that show. Ronald D. Moore is my hero! You rock!

I saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and will get a review up just as soon as I feel like writing one.

I'm hoping I can get this podcast thing up fairly quickly as I was very inspired recently by the plethora of them you can find on Odeo and Podcast alley. Some are good some are bad some are just boring. I hope that we can at least be entertaining. I want a good entertaining 30-45 minutes of laughs. So we'll see.

Time to get the girls breakfast going check back later.

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