Monday, July 11, 2005

JC Water walkers

It was one of those weekends that just blows by you wonder where the hell all the time went. You wish you spent more time laying on the couch just chilling out watching reruns. Instead you cranked a CD up loud and cleaned the house and kept looking online in the intervals you overheated yourself. Before you knew it, It was 7:00pm and time for dinner. Where'd did the day go?

Back in school, like highschool hell even middle school I would have to say that sunday was my most hated day of the week. Why? Cause it meant school was the next day. Facing school the next day was worse than just being there. It preyed on me like a dripping faucet that won't stop, I let the ominous silouhette of school creep up behind me every sunday and it ruined the day for me.

To this day being 33 years old I still wake up every sunday in a grumpy mood. I feel like I have to jump up and instantly shower and get the day going, I need to eat breakfast, I need to have my shoes on with nowhere to go. I think sunday is saturday's bastard cousin. The sabbath sucketh.

The years now I have been married my wife often wonders who this ogre is that shows up every sunday morning. I tell her that he's merely a result of pre-trauma anxiety from another life. I don't think she cares for that answer, Hehe.

Having a daughter helps me be less grumpy as I watch sesame and Maisy with her and we eat breakfast together, But I still feel this need for everyone to get dressed and get the day going as soon as possible cause Monday looms in the background and it's coming up fast.

It's monday now and there's no school for me anymore except for the school of parenting. Ugh that sentence was groan inducing.

Hey at least I never had to go to sunday school on sundays or hell even go to church except for the times that friends invited me wanting to save my soul or wanting me to be born again. Sorry folks I was already born once never again! It sucked i was slapped on the ass and hung upside down and it was cold and my food tube was cut. I did get to breast feed but I think to do that again would be just a big tease anyway.

I once liked this girl at work when I was about 17 who's father was a 'non demominational pastor' and she invited me to church with her family. I was very smitten with her and so I went. I was pretty sure I exemplified the term fish out of water in her 'youth group' as she urged me to stand up and introduce myself. WTF? I did so knowing full well I was blushing a bright red color that would give my head the new name of Tomatoe. Her best friend later told me that she would best describe me that day as 'Fish out of water' See?

I later came to understand that the most important person in her life would never be me, that position was already taken by her lord and savior JC. She invited me to church cause she saw me as this guy who needed some God and she loved the shit out of the lord. What was I thinking? It was probably a year later in college when she started drinking and screwing around. I guess I showed up too early. Hehe just kidding I was so clueless about girls at that point I couldn't even figure out she had no interest in me in a romantic way. Just the fact that she invited me somewhere was a thrill for me. Even if it was to see her dad talk about God. Good grief. Poor me, hehe.

Looking back on it now I should have made a move on her friend that always filled me in on news of her best friend that I was in lust with. She took the time to talk to me. Stupid.


ltlme said...
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ltlme said...

hindsight is 20/20.
I didn't care for Mondays. At least Sundays I could sleep in. I was like you with the whole religion thing, my parents didn't shove it down my throat and I wasn't exactly begging for it. I was curious and when I lived with my grandmother, I did go with her once....willingly. Bad move. It took six months to get out of going to church. There's nothing to help excite the soul than being in a large room, surrounded by all white-haired ladies that sounded more like a chorus of frogs than humans. The minister was the cure to insomnia.

When my mom and I went back to bury my grandmother last year, I was delighted to see a new minister, she was from New Orleans and brought much needed life into her sermon! It was like the bapitist style pastor, means methodist background. Never before in my life had I ever had the urge to jump up and scream "Halelouya!" until that sermon and probably will never feel that way again.

Sorry for the long comment

The Jastrom said...

post as much as you want. Did the old ladies fan themselves with the church program? I think that happens at every church.

I've never had that religious feeling per se. did i just write 'per se'?

It was incredibly moving seeing my daughter born. Wow that was incredible. No church or pastor has brought on any feelings of empowerment of anyway for me. I would admit it if it did.

ltlme said...

yep, church programs....

Well, I didn't find jesus.....other than a mexican guy from my old high school with that name.....but I just was so entertained by the one minister that it seemed fitting.