Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Happy Accidents

A happy accident is something you did not want to happen or even foresaw that it would happen but when it did happen you were happy. An example? Well I think Happy Accidents happen alot in artwork such as photography sometimes they can happen in affairs of the heart as well. Has anyone who met their beloved intended to when they did? I did not plan on meeting my wife the evening that I met her and I doubt she was expecting to hook up with yours truly. Hehe when I say hook up I mean meet and talk etc.

The more I think about it My whole life has been nothing but a happy accident. Ever think about things you would change in the past but it would irrevocably mess up a chance meeting with someone you know that is near and dear to your heart? I could never go back and time and change things because I would miss out on everone and everything that I love in the now.

I can't wait for more happy accidents to happen in art in life in love and in my daughters life too. Just to clairy when I stub my toe on the metal wheel under my bed, that's just an accident and not happy. The night I met my wife and commented on how does she keep her pants so white and she responded, 'I work in a dry cleaners' now that's a happy accident. The ice was broken and we talked till dawn.

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