Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Wow my Wife tells me she was named Employee of the month for the entire company. Wow Congratulations you deserve it! She's gotten employee of the month of her department before but this time the whole company. Wow you rock! I love you!

I've been watching the first two episodes of the reality show Big Brother 6. Hehe I don't like reality shows but thought i'd give this a chance. So far it's a bunch of pretty people living in a house together talking shit about each other. Sometimes they all wear bathing suits and whisper. I'm trying to stick it out but I'm just not a reality show kinda guy.

The Inside on FOX is being cancelled after tonights episode. Too Bad it was just getting good. Damn you Fox! Sorry Tim next time you might wanna pitch a show to a different network. You know maybe one that hasn't cancelled the last 3 shows you've helped create.

At first when I saw the trailer to Charlie and the Chocalate Factory I was annoyed I used to really dig Tim Burton but lately his films have done nothing for me. I dug Big Fish but I didn't love it. I hated Planet of the Apes and I could care less about Mars Attacks but now that i've seen the longer trailer of Charlie I'm willing to give it the benefit of the doubt. I mean Burton hasn't made a bad film with Johnny as the star so I will be ready to give this a chance. It's just I loved Willy Wonka as a kid and as an adult watching it many times with nostalgic reverance and wishing I was Charlie. I hear this is a lot closer to the book which I have never read so I guess can't complain about that. And hey Danny Elfman is doing the music so it's gotta be great.

My two favorite Tim Burton movies are PeeWee's Big Adventure and ED Wood. I love those movies with great affection to the Nth degree! this guy doesn't know when to end a sentence does he?

Psst, don't tell anyone but I haven't been working on my script. Shhh don't tell anyone. I know I said I'd start a new draft but I've been busy keeping up with the blog. Hehe, Excuses...

I need some new inspiration, I need to see something to inspire me I need to hear something I need a recharge.

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ltlme said...

I have a coworker who knows one of the people on the big bro show. (i think sarah's her name)