Thursday, July 07, 2005


I'd like to introduce to you something that is and always will be near and dear to my heart. That thing is SPACED. Now what is spaced? It's a british tv show that was created by the people who brought you Shaun of the Dead.

Spaced is about friends but not like that damn sitcom 'friends' but about people in everyday life scraping by on their paycheck to paycheck jobs co-existing in a house in separate apartments. Tim a wannabe comic book artist meets Daisy a wannabe writer in a coffeeshop and soon become friends. They realize that they both have something in common, they need a place to live. Searching through the papers they find the perfect place BUT they will only rent to 'Professional couples only'. These almost strangers decide to pretend to be a couple to rent out the house. After a hilarious interview with Marsha they find themselves moving in.

What's genius about this is that we get to know Tim and Daisy as they are getting to know each other and then we get to meet the other characters as they do. For instance we soon meet the downstairs tenant Brian who would most easily be described as the bohemian artist. Once Mark meets Tim and Daisy we realize there's more going on with Mark and Marsha then we'd want to know.

There's not just Mark we soon meet the rest of the cast by the 2nd episode, there's Mike, who is Tim's best friend since they were kids which you'll see throught many funny flashbacks. Mike is what you would call a survivalist. And then there's Daisy's best friend Twist a snobby wannabe fashion designer.

Once all the characters come together we get 2 seasons and 14 episodes of one of the funniest and endearing shows ever.

They loved movies and videogames and reference it all, they love food and hanging out and chatting just like we all do. Most of all they have bad luck in the romance department that makes you repeatedly ask the question, "Why can't Tim and Daisy see they are perfect for each other?" I would go into more about certain episodes but i'd rather you get to take a look yourself cause I think you'll love it.

The director of spaced Edgar Wright brings it all together with his kinetic and inventive camerawork that will bring back memories of Sam Raimi ala his Evil Dead days but Edgar's got a style all his own. I love this show and hope you will too.

The DVD set of series 1 & 2 are for the UK region and won't work in a regular NTSC dvd player. But it will play in your computer or you could purchase a region free dvd player which are very cheap.


Anonymous said...

lots of good info there. region free dvd players and link to buy the dvd of spaced itself. nice
later streeter

ltlme said...

I've been reading through past posts and have enjoyed your blog so much that I'm linking you on mine. (and I'm picky) Thank you for making me laugh so much.

The Jastrom said...

Wow thanks, you made my day! I was wondering if anyone was reading hehe. It's great to know someone is.