Thursday, July 21, 2005


The other day I waited at my inlaws for my wife to come home with her mom, they'd been visiting her cousin who had just recently had a brand new baby girl. Congrats Jennifer! She brought baby Madeline into the world. Emma and I played and ran around the house waiting for her to show up. Usually Emma squeals with excitement as her Mommy walks in the door.

The night before I'd joked with My wife to not return with the 'Baby Fever' as I am not ready for another child hehe. The doorbell rang and I opened it ready to greet my honey.

But, it was her brother and his wife instead. I tried to hide my sheer disappointment but don't think I did. They had their 6 month old baby in tow. Their daughter is a little cutey with her tennis ball fuzz of a head of hair.

Moments later my wife walked in excited to tell us how cute the new baby is. She exclaimed to her father that "...The first red headed baby in the family." across the room the brother's wife said in a smart ass baby talk voice to her own child. "well I guess you don't count do you." Right away I'll tell you this much, that kid is practically bald and I would say it's more of a very light blonde hair and not in any way shape or form RED HAIR. My wife didn't mean anything as a slight to her or her child by telling her father about a red-headed baby, she certainly loves the 'Brothers wife's child' very much. The 'Brother's Wife' also has another child from before she met 'the brother'. That child has very red hair. She also added, "Well they may have written off your big sister but we haven't have we?" she said to her baby again in a rakish baby talk.

Again, I believe my wife meant a grandchild that has been born of the 3 woman who are the grandchildren of the family. IN HER FAMILY. She has two female cousins and we have a daughter and her cousin jennifer has a daughter. She was not talking about this person's child at all.

Do you like the passive way of not actually talking to anyone but her child? The manner in which she takes something my wife said about someone elses baby and made it seem like an insult when my wife wasn't even fucking talking to her. Her baby hardly has any hair I sure as hell can't tell it's got any red in it for fucks sake.

I metioned that "She has red hair?" referring to their baby. The Brother says quietly 'We're just kidding', apologizing maybe for his wife's behaviour? Who the fuck knows. All I know is that I didn't say something like. "Do you have some kind of problem?" "Are you hinting at something?" "Gimme a fucking break, she didn't mean anything towards your child nor was she even talking to you! you self absorbed child who feels that she's always being wronged! ooooh your such a victim!" But I didn't say any of those things. I merely kept my mouth shut and am still seething at the pettiness even now.

Perhaps my blog will help me vent some of this frustration. There have been many incidents where I feel like I am going to explode. I can't take much more of this pettiness, it doesn't stop with just the wife but with the brother too. Fucking Pettiness and neediness not to mention a total abundance of self absorbtion runs like a freight train through that fucking house when they are there and I'd rather be somewhere else!

I just keep my mouth shut. What would become of me speaking up and possibly starting an argument? I will tell you this much, It is tearing me apart having to deal with these unpleasant people and if it were not for it being family I would most certainly never speak to them again.

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