Friday, July 29, 2005

Diggin' the Waffles

I really love this site called DIGG you ought to check it out it has great news stories everyday, when you join you can Digg stories that you like the most dugg stories move to the top so you can see the most popular stories of the day. It's really neat. There is also a podcast called Diggnation with hosts Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht where each week they talk about the most popular dugg stories of the week. Check both out. You can also easily stream their show by just hitting play on ODEO.

I'm not gonna mention the podcast again till we actually have one in the can for you to hear. I'm sick of talking about it until we do something. I watched the FX tv show by Stephen Bochco called OVER THERE and I thought it was ok but I hope it getsbetter, you can't judge a show by it's pilot and I will give it a chance. Obviously they can't have Private Ryan style but it can still be effective with great characterization which the pilot did not have. Like I said I'll give it a chance.

Today i'm gonna wait for Stephen to text me and see how we're gonna go about doing the show. Grandma is going to pick up the girl so we will have hopefully at least 3 to 4 hours to record the show then edit it down to 30 to 45 minutes unless it's pure gold and save the whole thing. Hehe not likely. Crap I just realized I wasn't going to talk about the show anymore till it was done. Oops.

Another BSG tonight and so far after two episodes it has rocked the house down! I can't wait for more. I saw the trailer to the new Disney flick called SKY HIGH at Batman Begins and I thought it looked like a cool concept but too bad it was for kids. BUT I have read many great reviews for it on AICN and Metacritic and Rotten tomatoes so I figure I will check it out being that I love the concept and the actors involved. C'mon It's got Bruce Campbell in it.

Time for waffles.

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