Friday, July 22, 2005


Well I got all of that out of my system. I was still upset over it and I have to say that writing it out really helped me vent.

Well it's friday and that means BSG tonight! I really like this show and it's nice that this time I have my wife watching it with me. She admitted to me last night that she thinks that Apollo (Jamie Bamber) is hot. Hehe hey whatever it takes for me to watch the show with someone else. I'll tell you right now how much I love watching films or tv shows with my wife. She gets into it, she really does, she hides her eyes, she looks away, she gasps she smiles, she says 'Oh No!' she says 'you can't be serious?' she gets mad sometimes and proclaims she'll never watch something again. Most of all she pays attention and she's passionate about what she's viewing. This is a woman that threw M&M's in a movie theater in the general direction of a heckler during the trailer for 'The Insider' starring Russell Crowe cause she was really digging it. I couldn't think of anyone better to view our favorite movies and shows with. I love you wife!

Today is the day we're gonna try to podcast our first show with the show title of 'Nowhere in Mulberry' why that title? Well I think this explanation might be like Mitichlorians whereas it's not that interesting. I'll just tell you this. Everything that I write be it Scripts or short stories every single one of them take place in a fictional town called, Mulberry. It's my dream town. It's all copywrited by me The Jastrom. (c) hehe. It's all MINE! MINE I TELL YOU! Bwahahahaha!

Lately well not quite lately I've been pretty sure that I am obsessive compulsive so please send me some pills cause I need help. DUST I HATE DUST!


ltlme said...

Looks like i have a week of catch up reading on your blog. Missed your writings while I was away.

The Jastrom said...

Welcome back!

ltlme said...

why thank you. good to be back. *takes a bow*